Equal Treatment Does Not Lead To Equity

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Advanced Racial Equity Assistance

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We can assist you in changing the attitudes and assumptions that have kept racial inequities in place and that prevent your organization from achieving the outcomes you desire for all populations served. Our work has proven to be effective in creating a new lens for achieving racial equity.

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Institutional Racial Inequities

Racial inequities exist in institutions such as child welfare, education, health, criminal justice, and housing for the same populations of people. Throughout our 35 years of experience in working in social service, health, and human services, we have carefully developed a model that has been effective in reducing racial inequities and improving outcomes for all populations.

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Our assistance program ensures both long and short term support systems for meeting the needs of your staff and clients. For example, in child welfare, we have helped reduce the cost of having children in foster care by providing the opportunity to live with parents or relatives. We work with child welfare, education, juvenile justice, and health systems.

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Anti-Racist Principles

There are a core set of anti-racist principles and values that are critical to addressing racial inequities regardless of the system. Data specific to your particular system, sharing of cross system data, and examining racial inequities through our "Groundwater Approach" will be used to raise awareness and bring to a conscious level how well meaning people contribute to and sustain racial inequities. The end result is an understanding of what it means to "Turn the Mirror Inward" so that the journey to equity begins in your system!